Bear Necessities

TomHanksVolleyballYou’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. No water. No food. No adequate clothing or shelter of any kind and of course your phone doesn’t work. What now? Is your new confidant and support system going to be a volleyball or do you have an ace up your sleeve to get out of this mess?

One normally doesn’t think of needing life saving survival skills until they’re in a situation where they’re up a creek without the proverbial paddle. Fortunately, renowned survivalist and Man vs. Wild television personality Bear Grylls is offering Coloradoans the skills he learned from his time with the British Special Forces and his many survival missions to every extreme wilderness on the planet.

ChevyDesertHosted at the Glacier View Ranch in the Boulder County city of Ward, Grylls’ close team of highly trained survival experts will teach his designed courses featuring a combination of remote land/water survival and adventure tasks.

“So many people have asked me over the years where they can learn extreme, practical survival. So it is with great pride that we can now finally launch the Bear Grylls Survival Academy and show what it really means to be able to look after yourself when the chips are down,” says Grylls. “Oh, and it may hurt a little.”

It’s going to hurt a lot more if you need to channel your inner-John Rambo but lack the essential techniques in fire lighting, emergency shelter building, knife skills, foraging for grubs and rodents and remote medical trauma. You’ll also learn a range of dynamic activities including rappelling, traverses and scrambling, extreme weather survival and river crossings.

Lead instructor Scott Heffield notes,“The Colorado Rocky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for Bear Grylls RamboSurvival Academy course to launch. Topography, rivers, lakes, harsh weather conditions and wildlife are all important factors to consider and the Rockies offer an environment that simulates real life survival situations.”

Once you’ve completed the challenge, you can rest assured that you’ll be ready for anything, including whether you prefer barbequed lizard or muskrat tar tar with your tree sap and pinecone soup.


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