Sleep Like Tom

We wear smart watches that connect to smart phones that control our smart home that…well, you get the idea. Now Tom Brady wants you to wear his smart pajamas. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Under Armour introduced the new pajamas that claim to rebuild your body while you sleep.

The genesis of the idea comes from number 12 himself. According to Sports IllustratedBrady challenged Under Armour after working with the technology in 2014 when he injured his calf. Here we are in 2017 with pajama shirts, shorts and joggers that run $160-$200 per set. The smart PJs claim that through the use of the bio-ceramic print on the inside, it uses the body’s heat and turns it into infrared energy. The benefit, they claim, is a reduction in inflammation, increase of blood flow and enhanced relaxation.



Will a man buy the $200 pajamas? Maybe if they’re a workout fiend or Patriots fan. Will a woman buy them for their man? More likely if they want to have their chance to “sleep” next to the dreamy Tom Brady.