Sky High

We would have lost the bet of where the new tallest building in the world was slated to be constructed.

It turns out that a plan for a new tower known as “The Bride” has been proposed by AMBS Architects to be erected in…Iraq’s oil-rich Basra Province. It would stand as the tallest on the planet. There goes the neighborhood.

The complex is actually made up of four conjoined towers, totaling 604 stories and 16.6 million square feet and, combined, the architects are calling the world’s first “vertical city.”

The 616-foot antennae on the tallest of the towers would weigh in at 3,780 feet, making “The Bride” taller than both the current tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, at 2,723 feet, and the future tallest building, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower, which will be 3,307 feet tall when completed.


“The Bride” would have a glazed canopy — or “veil” — cascading down from the towers, which would provide shade for the complex’s The ground-floor developments would include hotels, retail, parks, gardens and a rail network just for the complex, all covered by a canopy – or “veil”- to provide shade from the desert. By the way, why create the tallest tower in the world in the middle of the desert?

According to the architects, it’s preservation of the fertile farmland which surrounds it.

The Basra Governorate, who commissioned the project, has an ambitious goal of maximizing the city’s capacity by 2025.