Ryan Reynolds and the Perfect Hair

There are a few beyond-fortunate SOBs out there who hit the jackpot with being born under a very lucky star and effortlessly acquiring that perfect head of hair. Katie Lopez, manager of Men’s Dept. at the renowned Matthew Morris Salon in Denver, recently shared her choice of that follicular-gifted leading man whom we hate that much more for that perfectly aesthetic mane.


Who takes home the award for best hairstyle? Look no further than Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds.

Lopez explains, “There’s been something about his hair that I didn’t get for a long time. He’s so lean and he has so many prominent features. He’a almost a little bit longer and definitely more narrow. His stylists got it right for a long time because they kept wanting to give him height on top, so they would leave the length on the sides a little bit to give him more proportion – so his stylist was taking it into consideration. Then there has been something that changed within the last year when his stylists took the top of his hair off, and I feel like he finally has this haircut that fits his face proportionately and it no longer makes his forehead or his jaw look a little bit longer than it needs to be. It has squared him off a bit in places that needed to happen. Then he was able to take the sides of his hair down because he has a great head shape and no longer has that height on top.”

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