The Kelly Slater Diet

This stud has been nothing less than a Greek god on a surfboard since he hit the scene way back when.

Nearing 44 years old this February, the 11-time World Champion still looks the part. So what’s his regimen?

Let’s start with raw, vegan and gluten free.


Slater’s commitment to organic products with natural resources that support biodiversity and animal welfare and refraining from genetically modified ingredients has him healthier and stronger than he was 20 years ago.He also anticipates his hunger when he’s on the go so he’s prepped with healthy foods for refueling.


Kelly is also a proponent of probiotics. Research suggests there may be a positive link between probiotics and digestion and, despite how unappealing they look on the outside, Slater seems to be on board with the microorganisms’ healthy results.


Slater has a few stickers on his board these days and Purps is usually one them. Slater and fellow Purps co-founders, Dr. Chris Schaumburg and PM Tenore, sought to create health products “designed with a purpose using premium ingredients, with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no preservatives.”

There you have it. Nothing fancy – just smart living and a strong focus on what the greatest surfer ever chooses to put into his body on  a daily basis.