The Butler Did It

If I’m 26 years-old and hauling in over $16 million a year then I might be susceptible to throwing a few Benjamins at some unique and possibly garish “toys.” The thing is that I’m not a 20-something multi-millionaire NBA All-Star swingman for the Chicago Bulls with the world as my oyster. Jimmy Butler, however, is.

And apparently the Houston native and former Marquette University product has a thing for fish and boom boxes. With that, gaze at his customized home aquarium that greets you immediately through the front door. Captain Nemo has nothin’ on Butler.


The 6,000-pound boom box aquarium is the brainchild of Animal Planet’s show Tanked, which hooks people up with unique fish tanks and aquariums. Mission accomplished. Butler’s water world also has speakers inside so that the fish can hear the music as well. How thoughtful.

The 9-by-10-foot aquarium holds more than 600 gallons and 50 fish — a nod to the Bulls’ upcoming 50th anniversary — including the Jordan’s tuskfish to honor Bulls star Michael Jordan. The aquarium also has a custom bubbler emulating the look of a boombox equalizer and is accompanied with a wireless speaker system on top so music can filter through the tank.


It sounds fishy but it’s also music to our ears.

Take a look at how it all went down…