Stadium Sweet: The L.A. Rams’ Future Home Looks Spectacular


Stan Kroenke pulled off quite the deal. He bought this Hollywood Park land in Inglewood, California last year and you immediately knew the then-St. Louis Rams owner was vying for a foot in the Los Angeles door to plop a stadium down on the nearly 300 acres.

And he got it.

The Rams are back to playing football in LA and, while their new digs won’t be completed until 2019, this is an instance where it will be worth the wait.The future prize and apple of the NFL’s eye will be nothing short of a stunning, knee weakening sight at nearly three million square feet – the biggest in the league’s family. Featuring “a sail-shaped roof that’s twice as big as the stadium and shelters the football field, an adjacent 6,000-seat performing arts venue and the ‘Champions Plaza’ in between,” according to the Los Angeles Times. That cover—which will be open on the sides—will be transparent, but also programmable as “the world’s biggest billboard,” and it sits right under LAX’s flight path – yet another XXXX feature to this modern day football Shangri La.


The space (that might be seen from space) will also include housing, office space- including the league-owned NFL Network on the premises, retail, a hotel, and a lake.

So what about parking for all of those Southern California car lovers? It turns out that Kroenke had that covered as well. According to the development manager for the Hollywood Park Land Co., the stadium will sit on “the most parking-rich location in the Los Angeles basin,” replete with 9,000 on-site parking spaces, including 1,000 reserved underneath the stadium for VIPs, plus 3,000 spaces at the neighboring Forum, and, supposedly, 41,000 more parking spaces within a mile and a half. The developers think they’ll need about 21,000 spaces for their largest events, which could include Super Bowls, conventions, and even Final Fours.

So other than all of the aforementioned, there’s really nothing to see here – except for a little more of the following…