Sole of a Robot – Adidas’ German “SpeedFactory”

Depending on your age and the company you kept back in the 70s and 80, the Adidas brand may or may not be a smile inducing acronym of All Day I Dream About Sex.

Nowadays, sadly, it appears that Adidas is dreaming about robots after announcing that it will begin marketing its first series of shoes manufactured from Germany by robots this year. The German maker of sportswear unveiled its “Speedfactory,” expected to be a source of large-scale production followed by similar facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and eventually in Western Europe.

Photos courtesy of Adidas

With today’s machines more capable than in the past and being deployed in a wider range of industries, robots are also cheaper. None of this is a good sign for humans in the manufacturing industry.

While Nike is currently reformatting its robot-operated factory as well, it’s only a matter of time before this development in the shoe area will be leveraged to the apparel industry as well.