Snow Beach


The November release of Alex Dymond’s Snow Beach, the stunning and definitive book of snowboarding in the late 80s and early 90s, couldn’t hit the mountain at a more opportune time. The images of snowboarders with grunge, punk, and hip-hop sensibilities portrays a lingering 80s ski flair mixed with the emerging 90s look pioneered by fledgling brands like Burton, Sims and Ride, showcasing looks that are popular in modern fashion. In these early years, snowboarding culture was full of rebellious riders: off-season skateboarders and Generation X’s outcasts trying to find their way through early adulthood and adolescence. At the same time, the sport was maturing and growing into the mainstream giant it is today. Snow Beach draws on the best photographers of the era to document the lifestyle, fashion, and feats of athleticism that defined the decade.