Kobe Bryant

Kobe Wonka And The Nike Factory

Willy Wonka, eat your heart out.

Kobe Bryant is sending the world on a scavenger hunt in search of twenty newly launched Kobe 11 Nikes, the future NBA Hall-of-Famer’s latest shoe.

Kobe 11 Shoe

Black Mamba has hidden the autographed kicks all over the planet and he’s going to make you work for it. “There will be questions that pose as clues. Some of the questions will be kind of standard stuff—growing-up questions and stuff like that. Others will be centered around innovation. It’s important for them to really understand the product.”

The scavenger hunt will take place on December 22nd, which is over two weeks before the 11s hit the market on January 9th.

No report yet on whether this will all be accompanied by singing Oompa Loompas and someone falling into a chocolate river and sucked up a tube.

Augustus Gloop