It’s Good To Be The King – and Shaquille O’Neal’s Son

If Shaquille O’Neal has any interest in adopting, we’re available for a new family and, oh – by the way, we turn 16 years old next month.

As it turns out, his son Shareef made out much better than any bandit ever would when he hit Sweet 16 earlier this week.

Try a Lamborghini and a matching Jeep to break in his new year. Apparently man can not live on Italian supercars alone.



On top of that (there’s more?), Shareef got game just like his pop. Expect to see the young O’Neal flying down the court somewhere after he graduates high school in 2018 for a D-1 college. Baylor, UCLA, USC and Shaq’s alma mater LSU are already courting the 6’7″ forward.

And now we know Shareef won’t have trouble getting a ride to practice.