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Red Dawn: The Russian Kamaz Dakar Rally Truck is an International Beast

If you’ve been following the news, Vladimir Putin and Russia are very busy these days with all sorts of irons in the fire. So it’s not surprising that a country on the move like the Soviet Union would have an incomparable beast of a transport that redefines the concept of getting from Point A to Point B.

The Silk Way Rally is a grueling 6,000 mile race through Russian Kazakhstan and China for Team Kamaz driver Eduard Nikolaev. To prepare his rally truck for the event, he put the 10-ton, 1,000 horsepower goliath through some tests.

Despite slushy and snowy terrain, the truck exceeded 100 mph on some stretches and cleared 98 feet off a jump while pulling a head turning 12 g of force in the process.

“For our Kamaz-4326, these conditions are very similar to driving on the sands of South America or Africa and for the team this is great training in the skills of driving on the coming ‘silk’ dunes,” Nikolaev explained.

Take a look at this Russian Road Warrior in action.

Photo courtesy Florent Gooden / DPPI