BMW’s Groundbreaking Motorcycle Concept

It’s called the The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle and, although merely a concept at this point, may revolutionize the way we look at bikes moving forward. Artificial intelligence is the order of this super cycle takes the guess work out of virtually everything for the rider. According to BMW, it’s a bike that has self-balancing systems to keep it upright both when standing and in motion. There’s a system called Digital Companion which offers riding advice and adjustment ideas to optimize the experience, with another called The Visor that’s comprised of a pair of glasses that span the entire field of vision and are controlled by eye movement that dispenses active feedback about road conditions to the rider while adjusting the ride of the bike.


All images courtesy BMW Group

While meaning to mirror the driverless systems that automakers expect to be emulating by 2040, BMW’s knows that they’re a ways off with this project, but nonetheless are excited by early results and findings, “Normally when we develop a motorcycle, we tend to think five to 10 years in advance,” explains Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad. “On this occasion, we looked much further ahead and found some very attractive prospects.”


Those prospects include a novel matte black “flexframe” that’s nimble enough to allow the bike to turn without the joints found on today’s motorcycles. The idea is that when a rider turns the handlebar, it adjusts the entire frame to change the direction of the bike; at low speeds only a slight input is required, while at high speeds it needs strong input to change course. Not every element, however, is futuristic and lacking a vintage feel. The black triangle shape of the frame combined with the white trim lines and classic boxer engine form are meant to evoke the 1923 R32, the first motorcycle BMW ever made.