Bentley’s “Monster by Mulliner” Is One Scary Ride

Bentley has a new partner that automobile purists are leery of. The British car maker, long established with thoughtful and calculating relationships like upholstery-destined cattle raised in areas with no barbed wire to mar the skin, veneers mined from historic Indian quarries and its clocks made by Breitling, is now fraternizing its Continental GT V8 S with the audio specialists at Monster for a breathtaking new whip called “Monster by Mulliner.”

The limited-production car “designed to appeal to young professional athletes and musicians” commands 16 hand-selected speakers that “deliver 3400 watts of awe-inspiring Pure Monster Sound.”

Mission accomplished.

If you hear a sound that could only mean that the sky is falling, it just might be your local NFL quarterback or Grammy-winning artist bumpin’ by in their Monster.