Welcome To The Club

My tone was definitely one to take seriously and he knew it. I wasn’t messing around.

I was sitting with restaurateur Justin Brunson, owner of Old Major, Masterpiece Delicatessen and Denver Bacon Company, when the gears I switched were obvious.

“Let’s talk Club sandwiches. I love them. I love the concept. I haven’t had a really good one in a long time. What’s your theory on how to make one that will have customers coming back again and again.”


The Iowa farm boy was beaming. He knew the answer because he’s created his own rendition that he’s put his signature on at the aforementioned Masterpiece Delicatessen.

“I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the club sandwich. Good smoked ham. American cheese. Turkey. Swiss cheese. Bacon. Shredded lettuce. Heirloom tomatoes. Mayo. To me, it has to be on white bread. Three pieces. Butter toasted. Mayonnaise on all sides. So that’s how I rock.”

He added his two cents on why sandwiches can come up short and he’s absolutely right. “I think where a lot of sandwiches fail, Club or otherwise, is the quality of ingredients. Good deli meats are expensive. Don’t skimp. Quality sandwiches and good food alike aren’t cheap anymore.”