Laws Whiskey House Denver Colorado Whiskey Bourbon 2017 Summer Launch Sir and Sport men’s magazine

The Bar Cart: Laws Whiskey House Straight Corn Whiskey & Two Grain Straight Bourbon

Laws Whiskey House has released A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Straight Corn Whiskey and A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Two Grain Straight Bourbon just in time for summer sipping and cocktail hour.

Distilled in the fall season of 2012, they were aged close to 5 years with the A.D. Laws Straight Corn whiskey resting in previously used, full-sized whiskey barrels, and the A.D. Laws Two Grain Straight Bourbon in new 53-gallon, char #3, American white oak barrels.

Laws Whiskey House focuses exclusively on traditional American-style whiskeys made from the four American mother grains; corn, wheat, rye and barley.

This release marks the third and fourth in the distillery’s Bottled in Bond portfolio. Last year, Laws Whiskey House was the first distillery in Colorado history to produce a Bottled in Bond whiskey and was the first Bottled in Bond expression in the rapidly-growing Four Grain Straight Bourbon category. The distillery’s second Bonded release was its Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey, which earlier this year was awarded World’s Best Rye for 2017 by Whiskey Magazine.

Laws Whiskey House Denver Colorado Whiskey Bourbon 2017 Summer Launch Sir and Sport men's magazine

Founder Alan Laws commented on the release: “we are excited to release the final expression in our single grain series, which seeks to deconstruct our flagship Four Grain Bourbon. We look forward to continuing to elevate our offerings of American straight whiskeys while expanding to other states”.

This inaugural release of the Bonded Straight Corn Whiskey is anticipated to be 100 cases (9-liter), with the Bonded Two Grain Straight Bourbon at twice that level. Distribution will be allocated only in Colorado given the limited release.

Laws Whiskey House is an independent distillery in Denver, Colorado producing only the highest grade American whiskey from locally-sourced grain and mountain spring water with a “no shortcuts” philosophy.