Von’s Fine Wine

Where would your head be? You lead your team to a Super Bowl win, sacking Cam Newton and the MVP award along the way. The whirlwind offseason includes a cameo on SNL, presenting at the Grammy Awards, dancing with ‘Stars’, meeting POTUS and even getting slimed on Nick. Oh, and a new $114 million dollar contract. Again, where would your head be? Would it think of sending a customized bottle of wine and thank you note to EVERY player in the AFC West? Then you’re not Von Miller.

The Denver Broncos defensive superstar sent 200 bottles to his division rivals – even those on the practice squad and IR. In the note he thanked them for helping make the game great and said, “It is an honor and a privilege to take the field and compete with you twice a year”.

The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, created by Boulder native and die hard Broncos fan Jesse Katz, features the outline of Miller’s signature eyeglasses and his autograph on the label. The remaining 100 bottles of the wine were made available for purchase on his site, with proceeds allowing Denver-area children to receive eye care.

After having to face the NFL’s most disruptive player on the defensive front twice a year, we’re sure many of those AFC West players will be opening their own bottles following a Broncos game. They’ll need it.