Biere Brut Tasting

Our friends at Bruz Beers in Denver are gracious enough to keep us in the know with all the happs and the hops in the world of beer, and now we’re particularly thirsty upon hearing about this latest news.

A fairly new an interesting entry on the Belgian beer scene is Biere Brut, or “Champagne Beer.” On February 4th, Bruz Beers, which is Denver’s premier Belgian-style brewery, will release its Brut La Grande – a Belgian-style Bier Brut. Bieres Brut are only made by a handful of breweries in the U.S. and Bruz is the only Colorado making it.


So WHAT is this champagne/beer concoction exactly? Bruz owner Ryan Evans explains, “As the name implies, the beer resembles a fine Champagne, although many critics consider Biere Brut to be ‘far more interesting.’ Brut La Grande is a pale straw color with a dense, moussey white head that leaves layers of ‘Belgian lace’ on the glass. Its perfumey aroma yields notes of apricots, allspice, black pepper and a touch of lemon. Its complex flavor profile hints at apples, vanilla, peaches, ginger and exotic spices. Brut La Grande is light and airy with a silky mouthfeel, creamy pinpoint carbonation and a complex, spicy, bone-dry finish.

Well there you go.

Brut La Grande will be available beginning on February 4th only at Bruz Beers’ brewery tasting room at 1675 West 67th Avenue in Denver (80221). Enjoy it in a champagne flute accompanied by a piece of Belgian chocolate. It was produced in very limited quantities and will only be available while it lasts.