Actor John C Reilly Boogie Nights Celebrity Birthday

That Time When John C. Reilly…

Now more than ever, the world needs comedy. Good comedy. And for that, we never need to look much further than today’s birthday boy, John C. Reilly.

He’s that guy whom we’d love to run into. The 52-year old from the south side of Chicago has stolen our hearts and our funny bone with countless roles that have made our personal collection of films.

Here are a few of the characters that always leave us appreciative of an actor who we don’t feel gets the credit he deserves…

Boogie Nights – Reed Rothchild

The way in which Reilly’s character fucks with Wahlberg throughout this scene is nothing short of hilarious. Does he really look like Han Solo? Not sure. But who cares? Reed Rothchild is a classic character and one of many that graces our personal collection.

Step Brothers – Dale Doback

Cedar Rapids – Dean Ziegler