Sir and Sport Men’s Magazine| Sports Agent Peter Schaffer

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“When I first started back in 1988, the competition was intense, and it’s gotten worse every year,” he says matter-of-factly. “You’ve got 1,000 agents competing for 250 drafted players each season and a total of 2,000 players in the NFL every year. I don’t mind the competition – it’s part of life and it’s the ultimate form of capitalism. It’s our job to educate players and get them to make a decision based on the right criteria, but right now there are a lot of agents who are competing by offering huge inducements to sign like cash, gold, jewelry and promises that they’ll never be able to keep.”

Sir and Sport Men's Magazine| Sports Agent Peter Schaffer

Peter Schaffer is one of the premier sports agents in the industry with over 30 years under his belt. Sir and Sport went inside the world of sports business and entertainment to see what’s really going on with agents and athletes. We’ve seen portrayals in movies like Jerry Maguire and television shows like Ballers,  but it tuns out that those elements are an extremely small portion of what being a sports agent is all about.

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