Playboy & Jazz

#12 No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage Mandatory Credit: Photo by Everett Collection/REX USA (197771b) PLAYBOY AFTER DARK, Tony Bennett and Hugh Hefner, 1969 Various - 1960s

When you think of Hugh Hefner, the visions of beautiful women, the grotto, the world famous mansion and bunnies come to mind. However, the entertainment icon deserves another credit for almost singlehandedly transforming the world of jazz. Author Patty Farmer’s Playboy Swings delves into the land of celebrity, Playboy, jazz, racism and the world renowned man in the smoking jacket who catapulted the careers of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and the countless other legends into the spotlight at a time when no one saw it coming. Click here to witness Farmer’s captivating chronicle of Hef, the bunnies, the behind-the-scenes action and the music that has graced the world’s ears for decades.