Bradley Cooper’s Best

Sir and Sport would like to send a hearty “Happy Birthday” to one of our favorite actors, Bradley Cooper. In honor of his special day (January 5), here are his best movies.


5) American Hustle

I liked this movie more for its style than substance. It looked great and the opening scene of Christian Bale applying his hairpiece had me glued for the rest of the movie. My favorite hair in the movie belongs to Cooper’s character Richie DiMaso. Those tight curls and him running around with curlers in his hair had me wrapped around his…you get the idea.


4) The Hangover

It’s the movie that launched two awful sequels. The original though is deserving of all the praise it received. Phil is the cool, sarcastic character that we came to love about Cooper. His face when he walks out of the bathroom after seeing the tiger makes the movie for me.


3) The Place Beyond the Pines

Don’t know this one? You should. Many will point to other drama performances of Cooper’s as solid efforts, ‘American Sniper’ for example, but ‘Place’ was his best showcase of the genre. His flaws and vulnerability paired with his ambition did not garner the attention it deserved.


2) Guardians of the Galaxy

Can a good movie be a guilty pleasure? Every time this film is on, at any point, I can watch. Even though we don’t get to see his dreamy face, Cooper’s Rocket conveys emotion and humor. I love when he sends for the prisoner’s prosthetic leg just because he thought it was funny.


1)  Silver Linings Playbook

‘Argo’ won best picture in 2013 against some tough competition – ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Django Unchained’ – but it did not deserve the nod over ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. The bipolar Pat had me cheering for an Eagles fan which is tough to do. This is Cooper at his best along with peak Jennifer Lawrence. Their chemistry and story had me cheering along with them after their awful dance won the wager. I will not go joggin wearing a trash bag any time soon, though.


ARV – Also Receiving Votes

Wedding Crashers

I know there are some of you who will look at this exemption and think me an idiot (I’m looking at you boss man, Kevin Marr) but there is one single line in the movie that bumps me so much that I cannot include it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vince Vaughn. When he says “Watch me take this on down the road” and smacks his ass, I nearly died. But I cannot forgive the line “Crab cakes and Football. That’s what Maryland does!” Are you kidding me? The University of Maryland won one national championship in the 1950s. The Colts won one Super Bowl for the Charm City and the Ravens won two after being transplanted from Cleveland. You do crab cakes. That’s it.


Between Two Ferns

Please go watch his appearance on Zach Galifianakis’ web series. You’ll thank me after you fall down that rabbit hole.