Denver Magazine reports on Antal Kalik stuntman and body double for Channing Tatum Chris Pine Hugh Jackman Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt

The Life of an A-List Hollywood Stuntman

“If I have a little bit of advanced notice and I know that I’m going to double for Chris Hemsworth then I’m going to be eating a lot more and lifting more weights, but right now I’ve been sticking to guys like Chris Pine and Channing Tatum who are a little bit leaner.”

Antal Kalik is one of Hollywood’s most sought after and successful stuntmen, doubling for some of the most popular leading men in the industry.

Hugh Jackman (left) and body double Antal Kalik for the movie Logan.

Kalik’s relationships with his world-famous partners embody a mutual respect and sense of loyalty that show that ego and entitlement aren’t the status quo with this branch of Hollywood, “Chris Pine is incredibly loyal,” Kalik says with a sense of appreciation that you know means a lot to him. “The first time I doubled him was in Star Trek Beyond and we got along great. While I work for the stunt coordinator, I also approach the project as though I’m working for Chris. Occasionally we’ll hang out outside of work, dinners and things like that, and I give him my very best and try to do what’s in his best interests for the film. Channing Tatum is another colleague whom Kalik deeply appreciates, “Channing is awesome and has also been very loyal. After Jupiter Ascending, he asked me if I wanted to do 22 Jump Street. For me, he’s just one of the guys. That’s just how he carries himself.”

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