March Madness2

Bracket Challenged

UPDATE:  It’s close but the 8-year old has the edge. Of course. He has 9 of the Sweet 16 remaining, 3 of the Final Four and his National Champion is still alive (UCLA). As for “Mr Know it All”, yours truly, I have 9 of the Sweet 16 remaining, 2 of the Final Four and my National Champ has been knocked out (Louisville). Since the 8-year old doesn’t care at all, even after making his picks, the question for me is do I tell him where he stands or wait until he asks? I’m going to wait and keep my shame to myself for the time being.


Am I smarter than an 8-year old? We’re about to find out. My son Evan knows nothing about sports. Cares nothing about sports. Has nothing to do with sports. I have worked in sports my entire career. There was a time I could name the college of 85% of the players in the NBA. I issued my offspring a challenge – my bracket vs yours. He replied, “What’s a bracket?” After I explained it to him, I had to negotiate equal time. I would play Wii if he would play along with my idea. Begrudgingly, I accepted. The DVR and Big Little Lies would have to wait.

I read the team names in the matchups and filled in his winners. For some reason, he has an affinity for Rhode Island and Vermont. He knows I, and others in our family, went to UCLA so he rode the Bruins to the championship. Ironically, I did not.

Here are our brackets. There’s nothing like the prospects of a grown man being embarrassed by an 8-year old.