You’ve Probably Never Seen Our Favorite Steven Spielberg Film

E.T.  Jaws.  Saving Private Ryan.  Back to the Future.  Catch Me If You Can. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

These are some of the heavyweights we think of when it comes to the unrivaled career of Steven Spielberg.

But none of them are our favorite.

That distinct honor goes way back – 1971 to be precise – and is one of Spielberg’s earliest projects.

Duel Steven Spielberg

We give you…Duel.

The basic premise is this – Dennis Weaver ticked off the wrong truck driver out in the middle of nowhere. This may not sound like an original plot, but it was back in 1971 and it scared the living piss out of us. It seriously gave us nightmares about tanker trucks and we always looked at big rigs differently after this film. Spielberg directed it and, in the process, created a cult classic. It still finds its way on TV from time to time, but nowadays you should be able to hunt it down on Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Trust us. It’s worth the watch. No fancy effects or gimmicks. Just real. Remember – no cell phones back then so who are you going to call?


With Spielberg turning 69 tomorrow, it’s a trip to see what he was doing at the age of 25.