Bill Paxton

Sir and Sport 7: Bill Paxton Movies

Like everyone else, we were saddened to hear about the passing of Bill Paxton. From all accounts Bill was great guy and had earned the rare moniker “one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.” We just wanted to take a quick look back at his career with our Sir and Sport 7 favorite movies that Bill Paxton appeared.

1 Weird Science

The number one spot goes to the first time we met him. Chet, for lack of a better word, ruled. At least the performance did. If Kelly LeBrock hadn’t been so smoking hot in the movie, Bill Paxton would have been the star performance.

2 Aliens

Bill Paxton’s “Hudson” brought the funny to murdering aliens. “Game over, man” Unfortunately, yes it is.

3 True Lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a government agent that has the movie stolen from him by Bill Paxton.

4 Tombstone

Paxton plays mostly the straight man but this remains the most re-watchable western ever to hit the silver screen. No matter where I pick up in the movie I have to watch because I’m its huckleberry.

5 A Simple Plan

This is the first time Paxton is asked to carry the movie as a lead actor (I know Twister came out first but the tornadoes were the stars of the movie). The combination of Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton and the direction of Sam Raimi make for a great film.

6 Edge of Tomorrow

I know Paxton’s role is small but I love this movie and this is my list.

7 The Lords of Discipline

This is an under the radar movie that I loved as a kid. Based on a book by Pat Conroy, it takes place at a southern military college. Being a sports nut, I remember it being a big deal that Olympic boxer Mark Breland was one of the stars. Paxton plays the jerk, as he is apt to do so well, and his credit appears as ‘Wild’ Bill Paxton.