Metallica rules

John Lennon famously said, “We’re more popular than Jesus” but is Metallica bigger than the NFL? The gods of metal are embarking on a stadium tour and the Arizona Cardinals will be getting the boot from their own stadium. Team owner Michael Bidwell said in a radio interview this week that the team will be on the road for a portion of training camp because of a concert scheduled for August 4th at University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s the second year in a row the team has had to move operations during training camp. Last year Guns N’ Roses moved in and the Cardinals practiced with the Chargers in San Diego.metallica

Metallica’s summer tour will run from mid-May through mid-August. It’s their first in eight years, but their first in U.S. stadiums in over a decade. Drummer Lars Ulrich promises the shows will be more than concerts but events. A memorabilia exhibit, “Memory Remains”, will follow the tour and includes old instruments, lyric sheets and more from their almost forty-year career.


So is Metallica bigger than the NFL? If they sell out a stadium, say in Jacksonville, and the home team does not then, for league officials, it could be Sad but True.