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Studio 54 Documentary

Studio 54.

The name still provokes images of sex, drugs and the ultimate New York City getaway for the rich, the famous and the weird of the world back in the late 70s.

What did it take to get in to the ridiculously exclusive club?

Who could walk right in and who couldn’t? Who had to pay and who didn’t?

What are some of the juicy and salacious stories from secret rooms within the club?

The upcoming documentary, Studio 54, will answer all of that and more, straight from the horse’s mouth of co-founder owner Ian Schrager.

For instance, the guest list had four categories meant for both celebrities and “exciting commoners.” The lowest of the low were “NGs” or “No Goods,” which were people and some stars who should never be allowed in.

Next came those who had to pay, followed by those who got in for free. And finally, there were “NFUS” or “No F— Ups,” which were VIPs who must be welcomed in as quickly and graciously as possible.

And when it came to the Rolling Stones, there was a pecking order — Mick Jagger and Keith Richards got in for free, but other bands members had to pay.

Studio 54 will debut on October 5th in New York City and October 12th in Los Angeles.

Enjoy the trailer to get a sense for what we’re all in for…