More NFL For NBC?

We want more Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth with our football. The NBC duo are far-and-away the best broadcasting team that the sport has. Michaels is arguably the best ever and we think Collinsworth’s research and studies for each week’s match-up makes him the top analyst in the business. We actually learn a lot from him.

Now there’s word that next season’s NFL Thursday night schedule might be divided between CBS and NBC. Let’s face it, the Thursday match-ups are dogs. There’s nothing primetime about the Titans vs. the Jags, Tampa Bay vs. the Rams or Seahawks/Niners – all of which were on the slate this season. Give us Michaels and Collinsworth to at least give us a championship broadcast team.

As it stands as of now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the NFL is trying to find ways to maximize revenue streams and that CBS and NBC could each broadcast five games with an NFL Network simulcast for those ten contests. NFLN would air the rest of the schedule exclusively.

So could Michaels and Collinsworth be called upon to handle a Thursday night game in one city and their usual Sunday night match-up in another during the same week? It’s a tight turnaround but they sure could handle it.

We could handle it too. Good broadcasters are hard to find…and the bad ones are even harder to listen to.

A decision is expected before Super Bowl 50.